Hottest Meal Around

21 Mar

Juliet forwarded over an article by Franz Lidz in last month’s issue of Portfolio magazine about Talula’s Table. Apparently, the restaurant, which seats only 8 to 12 people each night, is harder to get into than Thomas Keller’s Per Se or French Laundry. If you call ahead now, you might get a table in 2009.

What’s the prize? An eight course meal prepared by chef Bryan Sikora. The menu changes every six weeks, reflecting the seasons. A meal might include “pompano roasted on the bone with saffron broth,” “exotic mushroom risotto with balsamic and tender greens” and “winter blues raisin chutney semolina twist.”

Absolutely mouthwatering. Plus, everyone sits in a single table so that the meal is converted into a cozy, family-setting type repose, a gathering of devoted foodies, if you will.

Unlike Thomas Keller’s venues, the tasting menu is only $90. I know, this sounds pricey, but consider that a meal at the French Laundry (which is a must-do, by the way, at least once in your life) is about $200.

I’m not quite sure when I’ll make it, since I’m not in Pennsylvania all too often. But who knows, for all this buzz, it may just be worth the trip.

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Posted by on March 21, 2008 in Restaurant Buzz


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