Tea Time

15 Apr

As hard as it is to believe, I’ve pretty much all but give up caffeine. For health reasons, I now eschew my hot steaming double espresso in the morning and occasionally turn to decaf. But mostly, I drink tea.

Joining the ranks for British (and many other cultures, including the Chinese and Japanese), I’ve become a tea lover. Fortunately, tea has seen a resurgence similar to coffee’s and you can find zillions of different kinds of teas out there. There are teas for all different kinds of moods — English Grey for the morning, green tea for the zen-like afternoons, herbal tea at night, Chai tea to accompany a scone or cookie.

I know a true tea aficionado would turn to loose leaf tea, but I’m simply too lazy to find the little special spoon or strainer to make it and prefer the bagged stuff. For those looking for some tea inspirations, here are my faves:

My friend Arin turned me onto the most amazing spiced tea out there — Yogi Tea’s Chai Redbush — which includes stevia, a natural sweetener, as well as cinnamon and a bunch of other spices. This red bush tea contains no caffeine, so it’s perfect for curling up with at night with a good episode of Sex and the City or the West Wing (my current obsession). Perfect with a splash of soymilk.

I love green tea. When I went to Japan, I drank it by the gallon. The coolest thing is that you could find bottled green tea everywhere, in all of their vending machines. Here in the States, I drink The Republic of Tea’s Double Green Matcha Tea. Crisp, fragrant and slightly grassy, this tea is perfect for a detox morning or a post-yoga afternoon.

When I’m having trouble sleeping at night and I’m tempted to take Lunesta or Ambien, I take Triple Leaf’s “Relaxing” tea. Chock-full of herbs, including valerian, chamomile and catnip, one warm cup at night really helps me wind down and get a good night’s sleep.

Other faves: Again, I’m partial to the Republic of Tea and love the Vanilla Almond (which does have caffeine) and the Ginger Lemongrass (which is a green tea).

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