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You put WHAT in Chocolate?

I love lavender. Fragrant, reminiscent of a summer day in Provence, earthy.

I love chocolate. Luscious, creamy, sinful, dark. Need I say more?

One would think that a combination of the two would be delicious, no? Apparently a chocolate manufacturer (New Tree) thought so and created the “Tranquility” bar, “a milk chocolate containing an extract of lime blossoms, in addition to lavender.”

So I tried it. Lime blossoms? Lavender? In chocolate? BLEH!

Now that fine chocolates with exotic ingredients are becoming a la mode, there are myriad pairings out there. Chocolate with sea salt, chocolate with hot peppers, chocolate with curry.

Beware, my friends, beware the weird combinations. As the lavender-chocolate melted in my mouth, a memory of a soap bath came to mind. The chocolate flavor was completely lost in my mouth as I navigated the bath-and-body-works-like flavor and I was tempted to spit the nasty chocolate concoction right out. Never, ever again! BLEH!

There are some companies that have the whole chocolate fusion thing worked out, among them Vosges, one of my all-time favorite chocolate manufacturers. Based in Chicago, this boutique chocolate maker has such delicious delights as:

I can’t say I love their olive-chocolate bar and I haven’t tried the bacon-chocolate bar… I just believe some ingredients just don’t belong together. I, for instance, am not a fan of mint and chocolate and I know there are die-hard mint-chocolate-chip ice cream fans out there. So who knows! One chocolate lover’s trash may be another chocolate lover’s treasure!


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