Does Star Power Mean Star Performance?

25 Jun

These days, it seems like everyone who has ever appeared on the Food Network is touting their new product. Rachael Ray has a new line of cookwear out, Emeril has been hawking his sauces and spices for years and we’ve all seen Wolfgang Puck’s ubiquitous pizzas.

But when it comes to expensive cookware, does star power always mean star perfomance? My former colleague and friend Juliet Chung asked several noted foodies to put some of the newest cookware to the test and let us know the results in this Wall Street Journal article.

The results weren’t pretty for some celebrity cookware. Rachael Ray’s frying pan caught fire and the nonstick coating from Todd English’s cookware quickly chipped.

The only one the testers would use in a commercial kitchen was Marcus Saumelsson’s, but at $500 for a 10-piece set, you’re definitely paying for quality. Rachael Ray’s 10-piece set, by comparison, costs about $140 on Amazon.

Like they always say, you get what you pay for.

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