Not-so-sweet News for Splenda

25 Sep

At my parents’ house, we buy Splenda by the case at Costco. We pour it into our coffee, use it for baking goods, swirl some into nonfat plain yogurt and sprinkle it into jams that need a little sweetener. But apparently, this nearly no-cal sweetener is not as benign as the manufacturers would like you to think.

According to this New York Times article, Splenda’s ingredients can actually kill the good bacteria in your digestive system and can prevent certain prescription drugs from being absorbed. And it can contribute to obesity!

To be sure, the study was funded by the Sugar Association, which obviously has some stake in getting Splenda off the market, but it was conducted by Duke University and not some unidentified lab, so it does have some merit.

Here at the SD apartment, I don’t buy Splenda anymore. The boy and I use — gasp! — plain brown sugar. It tastes better and we just make a point to use only a little bit. The boyfriend actually prefers honey, which is even better.

Bottom line: to help your bottom, train your taste buds to eat products that are less sweet. That way, a little bit of the real thing can go a long way.

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One response to “Not-so-sweet News for Splenda

  1. gigi

    September 28, 2008 at 10:41 am

    What are people going to think about “the Parents”? buying splenda by the pound in Costco?


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