Fun Wine-Themed Gifts for Wine Lovers

11 Dec

Every single time I go to World Market, I end up spending hours there, just gazing at all of their international wares. I walk around with a glazed look on my face, wandering the aisles like a lost puppy, wondering how in the world I’m going to walk out without draining my bank account. They have fabulous thick, artisan pastas from Italy and packets of spices cheaper than anywhere else. Spanish, French and Belgian chocolates, coffees from all over, teas galore.

But let’s get to the point of this column. I found the two neatest non-wine gifts for wine lovers yesterday. Check out:

Brix Chocolates: The sweet treat to pair with your wine. This company claims that its chocolates are so pure their flavors are perfect for wine pairing. The labels give you suggestions on which chocolates to pair with your wine. The milk chocolate might pair with a Pinot Noir, Port, Burgundy or Rose, while the dark chocolate goes best with Barolo or Cabernet Sauvignon. Brilliant marketing, anyone? Yes, but it these chocolates are simply irrestistable.


Brent’s Chardonnay Wine Brittle: Classy, cute, crunchy. Spanish peanuts, butter, sugar, Chardonnay wine, pure Indonesian vanilla, baking soda and just a dash of salt make this brittle such a neat gift for those who love wine so much they want to eat it in candy form. Brent’s also offers Fiery Beer Brittle for the beer lovers.

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