Knight Salumi in San Diego

19 Mar

The boyfriend and I had the chance to sample some of the offerings from the new charcuterie provider here in San Diego, Knight Salumi Co., at the La Jolla farmer’s market a few weekends ago. I instantly fell in love with the Coppa Molina, a spicy sausage made from the collar of the hog. It was terribly addictive. I think we finished our half-pound salumi in less than two days.

I’m excited to see more small artisan producers popping up here in San Diego. I think there’s definitely the market for it and it’s neat to see people turning back to the slow food way of making things!


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2 responses to “Knight Salumi in San Diego

  1. Joshua Beagle

    April 26, 2009 at 2:50 pm

    You got it sister, thanks for the nice blog! Glad to hear about another satisfied customer. Come visit us again, we have all of our Farmers Markets listed on our website


    Josh Beagle

  2. unsatisfied

    August 24, 2010 at 5:44 pm

    I don’t know what this restaurant has to offer. However, DO NOT order online from them. They accepted my payment. Then, I never heard from them again. I’ve called several times; emailed several times to no avail.

    Ray Knight did pick up his cell phone (the only number listed on the website) I think by accident. This was on a Wednesday. He said he needed the payment to clear (it was a Visa – “wait to clear”????) He said the payment did clear, so it would ship the next day. I asked if they would send me tracking info – he said “yes”.

    Well, I’m it’s the middle of next week – NOTHING!!! Won’t answer calls; won’t return calls; won’t answer emails!!!! And, of course, no salami.

    They didn’t have a problem accepting payment online though. I have disputed this with the credit card company.

    Want to roll the dice? Go ahead and order from them. To me, there’s too many other good companies online that don’t have a problem shipping an item or returning calls/emails.

    At the prices they charge you’d think they would love orders. Maybe they don’t really want to ship items. If so, don’t sell online!!

    RUN, DON’T WALK!!!


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