Preserved Lemons: Easy and Delicious!

22 Apr

Preserved lemons are incredibly easy to make, are perfect housewarming gifts and add a wonderful savory touch to Moroccan & Mediterranean cooking. If you have a friend with a lemon tree (or you’re lucky enough to have one yourself), this is a perfect way to deal with a bounty of lemons.

Easy Preserved Lemons

1. Start with about 4 to 5 lemons, well-washed (ideally organic). Cut them into quarters.

2. Pour a good amount of sea salt (not treated with iodine) into a large Mason jar.

3. Pack the lemons tightly inside, sprinkling with salt as you pack each layer in. Add a couple of bay leaves and a sprinkling of peppercorns into the jar.

4. Pour distilled or filtered water into the jar until about an inch off the top. Make sure none of the lemons are peeking above the water. Pour a small layer of olive oil over the water to prevent mold.

5. Close the jar and place in the fridge. In about two weeks, your lemons will be ready!

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