Want Great Wine at An Amazing Price? Try Flash Sales

03 Mar

This is the time to buy wine. The discounts on high-end wine are so incredible right now, you would be a fool to miss out on some of the great offerings out there. I’ve stocked up on some of my favorites (including Silvestrin — great little Napa producer).

Flash sales.

Flash sales work by advertising one product at a time with a great discount and selling out of that one product before moving on to the next one. You’ll typically have to subscribe to the vendor’s email blasts to get word of the flash sales, which can create clutter in your inbox, but it’s a small price to pay for such great deals.

A few words of advice when taking part in flash sales:

1. If you can, get free shipping. Shipping wine is expensive. Very expensive, particularly if it is being sent to you from far away. Take advantage of free shipping deals by partnering up with a friend if there is a minimum number of bottles required for purchase.

2. Although not always true, the general rule for the moment is that those wines that were over-hyped and over-priced tend to be the best deals right now. Think Napa Cabernet or high-end Champagne.

3. If you really like a particular wine, sign up for the mailing list from the winery’s website. Oftentimes the wineries themselves will offer special deals for their mailing list customers to “clean up a vintage,” i.e. clean the inventory and move on to the next vintage.

4. Ask if the retailer or winery has case discounts. Many do — about 10% — even if they don’t advertise it.

Where are some great places to take advantage of wine sales?

Wines Till Sold Out — a great place to find Opus One, Bordeaux favorites, and more affordable buys.

Gilt — although this site is generally for fashion, they’ve partnered up with to provide flash sales, mainly for well-known brands such as Cristal.

Accidental Wine Co. — this site sells wine bottles that may be stained or labels that may be discontinued at excellent prices.

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