Gourmet Magazine may be back?

13 Apr

Steve Heimoff has just shared on his blog that Gourmet Magazine may be coming back in some shape or form. Could this be true? Or are the folks over at Conde Nast merely using the name to brand products at Wal-Mart and Kmart?

I really loved the writing in Gourmet Magazine and I will miss the beautiful essays written by some of the best food writers in the world. I will admit, however, that I have rarely ventured into actually making something from Gourmet magazine. Although I am a pretty adventurous cook (I’ve made my own kimchi, cheese and bread), the recipes in Gourmet magazine had ingredient lists that ran longer than the articles and often included strange items that had to be ordered from the internet. Or they required that the cook slave by the hot stove for 12 hours straight.

Perhaps I am exaggerating, but even though I may not have cooked much from Gourmet, I still loved reading the recipes, salivating over the absolutely stunning photographs and dreaming of actually making the food there someday. It was a loss to foodies around the world when Gourmet closed its pages and I do hope that there is a revival, in some shape or form.


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4 responses to “Gourmet Magazine may be back?

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