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The Cheesy Revolution

About a decade or so ago, bread makers began to become ubiquitous. No longer satisfied with the pillowy, flavorless loaves of Wonder, men and women began stocking up on yeast and bread flower and crafting their very own baguettes and brioches.

The next make-it-at-home culinary trend? Cheese, cheese, cheese. The make-your-own cheese classes are popping up around the country and people are experimenting with easy, fresh cheeses at home. Need evidence? Take a look at two items in the latest Serious Eats weekly newsletter: make your own goat cheese and make your own ricotta. Plus, there are plenty of resources to learn more about cheeses and cheesemaking on yet another article.

I’ve gotten into the cheese craze myself and recently ordered a large batch of supplies over at the New England Cheesemaking Supply Company. They offer all sorts of supplies, and best of all, really great tips on troubleshooting different cheese problems.

So wipe that flour off your apron and take out some cheesecloth (don’t rely on the cheesecloth from your grocery store — the weave is too loose — try to get some from the cheesemaking supply company), it’s time to make some cheese!

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I got the blues (bleu cheese, that is)

I had the chance to pick up some fabulous blue cheeses yesterday from Taste Artisan Cheese & Gourmet Shop in Hillcrest — what a treat! George Palmer of Taste helped me select these two cheeses to end a very special meal (C’s birthday dinner).

The Cashel Blue is a beautiful tangy, creamy cheese from Ireland and is the creation of a wife-and-husband team (Jane and Louis Grubb). It’s a semi-soft, cow’s milk cheese with an assertive taste.

The Valdeon Cheese we tried (the one in the back of the plate) hails from Spain. It has a stronger flavor than the creamy Cashel and is saltier than a Stilton. This cheese is made from cow’s and goat’s milks and made a lovely pairing with an elegant, earthy Pinot Noir. The cheese is often wrapped in sycamore or maple leaves when aged.

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