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First there was wine tasting… now coffee?

The wine snobs were first, with their sophisticated noses and babbles of dusty, mid-palate tones and tannic finishes. Close behind were the cheese tasters, raving of a strong-but-whimsical bleu cheese or perhaps a tangy gruyere. The chocolate tasters were next — single origin chocolate has now become all the rage.

And now, my friends, there is coffee tasting.

I suppose it makes sense that this dark, bitter beverage would make the tasting rounds; after all, its bitter cousins chocolate and wine were already on the tasting menu. But it’s becoming a little crazy. What’s next? Kool-Aid tasting?

I have to admit my curiosity is piqued. After all, I do love the dark brew (even in its decaffeinated form) and I’d be curious to taste several cups side-by-side. How does the Intelligentsia brew compare to Starbuck’s new Pike Place Roast, for example? I came to love the Chicago-based company’s fresh coffee and would love to see how it stacks up to the mass favorite.

Coffee tasting, in case you too want to try it, is called “cupping.” There are several “cupping” clubs in New York already and I’m sure that next time your trendy friends invite you over, it won’t be for a wine-and-cheese party, they’ll want to “cup” with you.

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