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Stick it to me: Stickers on Produce

Ever come across those tiny stickers on an apple or peach just as you’re about to bite down on the peel? Turns out those little stickers are used for much more than just letting your supermarket clerk know how much to charge you. Those stickers reveal how the food was grown and whether it’s been genetically modified.

I’m not opposed to GMOs. I think the big hoopla about the monarch butterflies was based on incorrect science data (and after a quarter of Plant Genetic Engineering at Stanford, where we carefully dissected the research, I can tell you a lot more about that if you’d like) and I believe that GMOs have a place in modern agriculture — with more research, of course.

That being said, I do think people need to know what they are eating. Fortunately the food companies are giving consumers a (subtle) clue if they care to know. According to Vegetarian Times magazine…

  • Stickers with 5 digits starting with an “8” show that produce was genetically modified.
  • Stickers with 5 digits starting with a “9” show that the fruits and veggies were organically grown.
  • Stickers with 4 digits show that fruits and veggies are just plain ol’ conventional.
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