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Gimme me some (Truffle) honey

I stumbled upon a luscious honey the other day at Lazy Acres by the Valley Produce Company (located in Australia). The Aussies have infused their Australian red gum and clover honey with black truffles and white truffle oil. Drizzled over a cracker with a spread of blue cheese (try it with a touch of Cabrales, a cheese made in Northern Spain), it is simply heavenly. The combination of flavors — the earthy truffles, the sharp, spicy blue cheese, the sweet honey — is divine. The umami synergizes in your mouth, creating a taste that bursts with unctuous earthiness.

I know they ship around Australia, but I’m not sure if they ship elsewhere. If you don’t see it at your local gourmet store, ask that they care it. Your mouth will thank you deeply.

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