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Could the end of Two Buck Chuck be near?

A couple of California lawmakers want to raise the taxes on beer, wine and spirits in the Golden State. The proposed taxes would:

“Raise the excise tax on a 750 ml bottle of wine from 4 cents to $5.11, push the tax on a six-pack of beer from 11¢ to $6.08, and raise the total tax on a 750 ml bottle of distilled spirits from 65 cents to $17.57.” (Sonoma Valley Sun)

Who are we, Norway? Alcohol is so extremely regulated there that you have to go to a state-sponsored store to buy your wine — and you can’t touch the product before buying it. You’re only allowed to rummage through a catalog before making your selection.

This comes at a fatal time for the California wine industry and it is unbelievable that California lawmakers would even propose such a tax. The lawmakers argue that alcohol is responsible for a slew of accidents and costs taxpayers thousands in accidents, etc. The arguments are similar to those made by lawmakers who aimed their guns at cigarette companies.

But wine doesn’t cause cancer like cigarettes do — in fact, it may help PREVENT heart disease! Additionally, there is no responsible cigarette; each puff blows toxic air into your lungs and the lungs of others. There is, however, responsible drinking. A nice glass of wine with a meal, a lovely cocktail shared with friends.

We already have a plethora of laws to curb drunk driving, and I am all for more enforcement.

But please, don’t add a regressive tax to our wines. A $2 bottle would have a 250% tax. A $10 bottle of wine would have a 50% tax — does that make ANY sense?

Don’t make Two Buck Chuck a Seven Buck Chuck.

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